How to begin

I’m a beginner in vaadin, i started to write the app AddressBook’s tutorial, but now i would like to make a small application with a connection to the database, for example, write data to a text field, send the data to the database, success in the connection to the DB, and recover the data. (i just want to make an easy example, with one text field, and test my connection, and recovery of data)
My database is mysql

Somebody has an example? or something that i can use …
Thank you

Hello Andrea,

It’s not exactely what you ask for, but i guessit can still give you an idea of the way to go . The database used in the example above is HSQL DB but it used to be mysql the author change the db some month ago .

Hope it help


Hello René,

I still have some problems with vaadin, i visited your site, but what do you recommend me?

I just want to create an easy app. store, retrieve, edit data. but how?

do you have an example?