how to add vaadin api documentation to eclipse

Hello vaadiners

Is there a way to add vaadin api documentation to eclipse?

Is there a way to tell eclipse that there is an external javadoc for a given vaadin component ?

It would be a great help for me to view the vaadin api javadoc for a given component from inside eclipse


Vaadin JAR includes the sources and Eclipse parses the JavaDoc directly from there. You shouldn’t need to install the JavaDocs. Just hit
on a method or class and it displays it.

However, some classes and methods do not have JavaDoc at all, in which case Eclipse complains about missing sources or JavaDocs. But the compliet applies only to the particular element.

You can attach external JavaDoc to a package in Eclipse from the project settings. Project Properties → Java Build Path → Web App Libraries → vaadin-x.x.x.jar → JavaDoc location → edit. However, I don’t see that it has any effect, probably as Eclipse already gets the information from the sources.


I have already known the F2 method But unfortunately it is not enough for me

what I would like is to view the online api documentation of vaadin in eclipse

If you press F2 on vaadin component you get a window, with a few buttons at the bottom, and there is one which says “Open external javadoc” unfortunately this button is inactive now

I would like to use that button, so that I dont have to search manually the online javadoc at, just push that button which opens the related documentation at

How it is possible to do that?

Ah, I hadn’t noticed the “Open External JavaDoc” button before. It seems to work just ok, once you attach the JavaDoc from Vaadin installation package to the Vaadin Jar. It opens the JavaDoc at the correct position in your default browser. See the instructions in my previous post.

Here’s how you set the JavaDoc path in the project settings:

That’s it! yeah

Thank you :slight_smile: