How to add underline for menubar item

How to add underline for menubar item. like ([u]


the below css didn’t work.

.v-menubar {
color: #000000;
text-decoration: underline;

please anybody help me…

Did you try applying the CSS to “.v-menubar-menuitem-caption” or “.v-menubar-menuitem>.v-menubar-menuitem-caption” ?

If I apply styles for “.v-menubar-menuitem-caption” or “.v-menubar-menuitem>.v-menubar-menuitem-caption” shows all menu bar items shows underline, but i only require to underline “Top menu items (Like File, Edit etc…)”.

My mistake, how about “.v-menubar .v-menubar-menuitem-caption” ?

Fine. “.v-menubar .v-menubar-menuitem-caption” is working.

how to underline only one letter in menu bar item. i’m able to do first letter underline but unable to do the second or third letter…