How to add script to end of the body tag

Now this one took me long time and still no solution. I looked everything from Inline annotation, BoostrapListener and even PageConfigurator and still I cannot be able to place the script tag I want to the end of the body. I manage to place it on head, body start but not end.
I thought to manipulate the Jsoup document but listener is called before contents are loaded

	public void modifyBootstrapPage(BootstrapPageResponse response) {
		Document document = response.getDocument();
		document.body().append(getDropDownScript()); //prepend/append same head/body same 

So what is the magical way to make your script end up just before body tag ends, save my life please.

Why do you want to have the script at the end of the body tag?

In most cases, the goal is to postpone loading the script for performance reasons or so that the script is run only after the page contents are available in the browser. This can usually be handled by setting either the async or defer on the script tag.

Thanks, I tried what you suggested earlier but that didn’t work, I now see the resource path was wrong all along and I gave it a shot again and it worked !!!