How to add radio buttons for single selection in Vaadin grid

Hello everyone, Iam able to add radio button to the vaadin grid using columnBodyRenderer method but all the radio buttons are selecting even if I add a checked condition, posted the code and ui screenshot.

This looks more like a question regarding <#1009205986646560909> or <#1016771701805166654> and not flow. Additionally this usage of radio button is wrong, you are missing the matching name attribute to associate all radio buttons together

And the checked attribute is not a boolean that needs “true”/“false” as param, the presence alone marks the radio button checked
And you are missing labels for each radio button

Thankyou, After adding the name attribute issue got fixed

You may also want to add your selection state as a dependency to the renderer, then you don’t need to re-render manually after changing the selection:

${columnBodyRenderer(this.radioRenderer, [this.selectedValue])}

selectedValue needs to be annotated with @property for this to work.

sure sascha, will do that change, Thankyou

The below error is not related to vaadin components but if any of you know the fix please let me know

we are using lion and vaadin components in our webcomponents project and we have upgraded to latest version from Lit 1.0 to Lit 2.0 after that application, After updating all of the dependencies, things seem to work but I’m getting a lot of these warnings:

Element scheduled an update (generally because a property was set) after an update completed, causing a new update to be scheduled.

I’ve figured out that this seems to be related to the use of reactive properties in Lit 2 but wondering if there are guideline about how to update my properties and lifecycle events to get rid of these warnings while also having it work correctly. Are there any pointers for how to approach this? Thanks for any help.