How to add Maven dependency info to vaadin/directory/component ?

I just published my first component on the Vaadin directory:

I’s also available in the Central Maven Repository:

How can I add this Maven repo to the description in the Vaadin directory?

I added the component by uploading the generated zip (mvn install -Pdirectory).

As a workaround I added the dependency info in the component description.

By the way: Uploading of a new version seems to be broken now:

System of a down!
Uff, it seems our servers are feeling a bit ill.
Our code monkeys are working VEWY HAWD to fix this!

I believe when you upload your component into vaadins directory, it will automatically add this to the maven repo - You do not have to do this yourself. All you need to do is wait a little, the description will be updated as soon as it is published in maven. Check again after some hours.

Thanks for the hint. This sounds very interesting. So they release it not in the Central Maven Repo but in the vaadin-addons ( So it was needless to do it by my own… a pity that it was nowhere documented.

A message like

This component or version has not been published in Maven.

doesn’t tell:

“Hey you uploaded a .jar, just wait, and we will deploy it for you to Maven within the next 48h”.

I’m very curious when it’s happen - My first upload was already 24h before.

Yes I agree, it’s not very clear. This very thread is the best proof that it is unclear.

I found a [forum post]
( where the delay of publishing to mavens vaadin-addons repo is mentioned. But 24 hours is indeed a long time, and I suspect that something else is preventing the publishing in maven.

Now that I write this, I remember I had a similar issue - I was waiting forever for it to be published in maven. It turned out I did not set the Published toggle to true. You can find the this toggle by editing your component in the vaadin directory, in the tab “Description” at the very top. Please confirm that this toggle is set to true.

Yes it’s published:

Maybe it toggled it today and I have to wait for an nightly cronjob.

At the time of writing, your component is still not published in vaadin-addons directory. Something strange is going on. You should ask Support or Expert Chat about this now. Also mention that you cannot upload newer versions.