How to add icon at the end of label

Hello Team I’m using Vaadin 23,

I have a TextArea which has a label “Add Extra Info” i want to add an icon at the end of it , when the user hovers over that icon he will get a tooltip of steps

Im trying to add the icon at the end of label but unable to add can anyone please help me out in it

TextArea extraInfo= new TextArea();
Label info = new Label(“Add Extra Info”);

@selfless-beaver : Did you look at the Tooltip feature which is just around the corner? (in v23.3)

Have a look at this example, which I guess is very close to what you want:

Yes man i have also used it but client requested for icon and they are not open for suggestions so just need to add icon😀

no way to add anything interactive to the label, sorry

You can use the helper text to add more information, but that won’t be at the end of the label

Okay thanks so much now can confidentiality talk with client👍