How to add "favicon.ico" to my application like what we are doing in Vaadin

I update my application from vaadin 8 to vaadin 14, but the favicon doesn’t work any more.
Does anybody know where I should put this icon to make it work again?

By the way, my application is not PWA application.

Hi Yuri, Not sure if you found the answer to this, or if anyone else looking for the answer. This is what I had to do.
I have placed the icon under src->main->webapp->icons. It’s called favicon.ico
I have a class that I use as my main layout, it implements PageConfigurator which adds a method configurePage(initialpagesettings settings). Just add the 2 lines like so,

public void configurePage(InitialPageSettings settings) {
    settings.addLink("shortcut icon", "icons/favicon.ico");
    settings.addFavIcon("icon", "icons/favicon.ico", "192x192");

Of course you can call your icon whatever you like and change the size etc.
Information on PageConfigurator taken from here -

Hope this helps.