how to add facebook pixel to your web application in Vaadin 7

I am new to vaadin and know just a little about html and javascript , but I know preety well pure java.

I am working on my web application using the vaadin 7 and I need a way to add a facebook pixel to the application. to those of you who are not familiar with this term , it is just a piece of code that needs to be inserted between the head tags on the html.

just like the google analytics pixel only that I have found an addon for google analytics but not for facebook .

I’d appriciate your help in guiding me how to add my own tags to the html page

Hallo Yinon,

please refer to this page

to learn how you can modify Vaadin7’s HTML.

Also, the Google Analytics Tracker Vaadin Add-On has its source code here:

so you should be able to change it according to your needs.

Hope this helps,