How to add custom widget

I create a main web projet and create a new project for my custom component.
I have added reference to my component in my web.xml

widgetset com.mycompany.web.stest.STestWidgetset

I have added dependency to my component in the pom.xml too

com.mycompany.web.stest stest ${app-version} jar

Application is running fine but when I go to debug mode component is not taken my custom Connector
I don’t what I made wrong
I quite new in Vaadin

Thanks to all for your help.


Try running
mvn vaadin:update-widgetset
, it should update your widgetset definition file. After that running,
mvn vaadin:compile
should recompile the widgetset for you.

If everything goes well, the widget should now be compiled as a part of the widgetset and the connector will be found.

Thank you Aali for your help I try and let you know