How to add a Panel to V-Leaflet (LMap)

I have a map and I’d like to add a component (VerticalLayout with a bunch of Checkboxes) which will allow me to toggle things on the map. Is there a way I can do this? I have an LLayerGroup but I cannot just add a VerticalLayout, it requires the component to extend AbstractLeafletLayer. And even then I cannot real extend that to add Checkboxes, etc. Therefore how do I do this on the map? Also as a follow-up question how to decide where to position it?

We “added components to a Leaflet map” by adding them to the underlying component and setting their positions via CSSInject and additional styles (position: absolute and z-index: 1000) to make them appear on the map. I am sure there is a better way.
Why would you add the component to the map anyway? It would be way easier to place it somewhere next to the map according to your layout.