How push Table ?

Hi all, i need to refresh a table , but i don’t know how push a table.


The answer is:

tabla.removeAllItems();<-- this remove all items
llenarTabla(); ← this is my method to insert elements into my table.


Hi Ricardo,
Usually you’ll use a BeanItemContainer that you set as the table datasource. Then you operate over the item container removing/adding items.

Francisco i solved that, thanks.

I work now in the validation… but …

txtNombre.addValidator(new StringLengthValidator(
“The name must be 1-10 letters (was {0})”,
1, 10, true));

automatically validate :S , attach a image.


I am ok, now add

now found well :), but now i need to invalidate a button , becouse if the textfield is invalidate , don’t cant press a button to add. ?

Vaadin is really Cool !!!