How I can Add Action

Hello everyone.
I’m new in Vaadin.

I’d like to handle right mouse click using Action (… i think that i must use Action class).
My problem is this:
when i click the mouse right-click in a TreeTable I’d like it displays something like:

i have thought to add item like MenuBar component (example: newItem.addItem(“File”, menuCommand)

How I can add actionB1 to actionB? (like menubar
I read API and there are two method, handleAction e getActions methods. How can I do?

Thanks a lot.


My question remains unresolved in Vaadin or I have not been able to explain?
When I click the right mouse button I would like to see something like this:

  • actionA
  • actionB
    ---- actionB1
    ---- actionB2
  • actionC
  • actionD
    ---- actionD1

actions B1 and b2 are under action of B
action D1 is under action of D

Thank you.

Unfortunately the built-in Action implementation does not support nested actions. Haven’t tried it myself, but maybe the
add-on is something you want to try out?

thanks for the reply.

I try out ContextMenu add-on.