How getting data with hql or sql using Soapui ws and printting in vaadin 6

Hi .
I am a new developper, I am here for asking help.
I want to getting data from my database with sql or hql request. I use Soapui webservice how request my database and return List of objet(entities). My probleme is how I do for making ws and my table for .
someone can help me by anything.
My request sql `obj_remb_tropercu.ID,
obj_remb_tropercu.NUMERO_DOSSIER_REM as NumeroDossier,
obj_remb_tropercu.NOM_CLIENT as Nom,
obj_remb_tropercu.PRENOM_CLIENT as Prenom,
obj_remb_tropercu.MONTANT_REMBOURSE as Montant,
ref_motif_remboursement.LIBELLE as Motif,
ref_marque.LIBELLE as Marque,
obj_remb_tropercu.DATE_DEMANDE as DateDmande,
obj_remb_tropercu.DATE_FACTURE as DateFacturee,
obj_remb_tropercu.DATE_DEPART as DateDepart

from obj_remb_tropercu

left join ref_motif_remboursement
on(obj_remb_tropercu.RID_MOTIF_REMBOURSEMENT= ref_motif_remboursement.ID)

left join ref_marque on ( obj_remb_tropercu.RID_MARQUE= ref_marque.ID)

where 1=1
; my hql request: hqlSelectClause.append(" select count(entity) from “);
hqlSelectClause.append(” select from “);
hqlSelectClause.append(” select entity from “);
hqlJoinClause.append(” \nleft join fetch entity.motifRemboursement as MotifRemboursement “);
hqlJoinClause.append(” \nleft join fetch entity.marquers as Marque`