How do bug tickets get on the ticket list of a release?

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what´s the process that puts bug tickets onto the list of open tickets for a certain release? I´m asking because I´m wondering why
Ticket 10485
Ticket 10484
are not on the list for rc1.

Shouldn´t such clear bugs in layout / theme be regarded as major issues? Or do I have to trigger some additional process to get them on the list?

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Ah, now I got it: I should have assigned a milestone to the ticket.

I have tried assigning the milestone version but we shouldn’t do it (e.g.

Vaadin is an open source project, and the principle is that the development team (mostly the development team lead) assign milestones to tickets. The instructions on top of the “Create new ticket” page also specify to leave the milestone empty.

In general, the first thing to make sure is that there is a good ticket about it that describes the problem well and provides a way to test it easily.

If a particular ticket blocks development for you, you might also get it fixed quicker by submitting a high quality patch fixing the issue (consistent with Vaadin coding guidelines, ideally with automated tests; some iterations can often be expected) and/or by using the Bugfix Priority (part of the commercial service
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