How can i skip browser compatibility check in vaadin 24?

How can i skip browser compatibility check in vaadin 24?

Why do you want to do that?

The browser compatibility check was rework recently and won’t check for browser versions but for Feature availability, meaning: if it is triggered: the browser IS NOT supported and the application won’t work - so skipping it won’t work.

For the record, what it does check is
if (!('CSSLayerBlockRule' in window)) { in JavaScript

So if you don’t have a browser that supports CSSLayerBlockRule, you won’t be able to use Vaadin 24

Because a user gets this error. She is using the latest firefox and safari. (With iOS 14)

She is using also vpn.

Because in her country iran is the internet restricted

Release Vaadin 24.0.0 · vaadin/platform · GitHub Safari 14 support was dropped in Vaadin 24

Could that be the issue here?

But in order to override the browser compatibility check, you’ll need a custom IndexHtmlRequestHandler. Basically, this is the line you want to look at: flow/flow-server/src/main/java/com/vaadin/flow/server/communication/ at main · vaadin/flow · GitHub

Thank you.

Alternatively, traverse the JSoup tree and remove the <script> tag that contains the string v-r=oldbrowser. Not sure which approach is easier, but regardless, it’s quite likely that any browser that fails that check will not work.

Where is the JSoup tree?

You can look at the IndexHtmlRequestHandler I linked, method synchronizedHandleRequest

Thank you.

Is there a problem when the os is MIUI for Xiaomi cell phone?

If it’s not using standard Chrome as browser, could be

Thank you