How can I filter/search by name in the database using Vaadin 8 and Spring B

Hello guys!

I’d like to get some help or hint how to filter in the following database. The full project is available on my github:

I’m using one of the code found here on and tried to do over with my needs and you can find the actual class below:

I’m a little confused using Vaadin with Spring Boot and I’m not 100% convinced if I want to filter data using Vaadin so I’m open for any suggestion that’s the simplest for this approach. I’d like to filter by name and/or birthdate for instance if you start typing in the left top corner.

I checked out the tutorial about grids and how data providers can be used to filter but it didn’t want to work, so the last thing I was trying to do is to write a method filterDatas() in the VaadinUI class where I call findByName(String filterText) from the ApplicantsService class for filtering. If it’s possible I would do it with Vaadin instead of using mysql query.

Thank you for the help in advance and I’d welcome any suggestion.

Yes, it is a topic which requires a bit practice

The a chapter in our documentation here

There is also a good blog post here about the same thing

The good point here is that the implementation is almost the same in our new Vaadin 14 framework as well.