How can I add an external library to a Vaadin project ?

Hi all,

I am developing my Vaadin application using its plugin for NetBeans.
I need to add an external library to my project.
How could i do that ?


Are you using Ivy? Simply add the deps. to the ivy.xml. Something like:


With NetBeans+Vaadin you probably don’t need to fight with Ivy, but can use more common Maven instead. I’d really suggest to go through some Maven tutorial to get more throughout idea how dependencies work.

If NetBeans has built some indexes, it can really easily add common dependencies to you automatically with autocomplete/“fix popup”. E.g. if I choose the option selected in the screenshot below, NetBeans will automatically show a dialog of appropriate dependencies (including commons-lang) and after choosing it, projects pom.xml is also properly configured. REALLY handy.