Horizontal Scroll bar on Chrome

Hi, I’ve a panel showing pictures inside a form.
When not all pictures can be displayed on FF and IE a scrollbar appear and all is OK.

On Chrome Browser and Safari on Mac that scrollbar dos not appear and not all picture are visible.

Is there issue on WebKit based Browser?
Is there any hint?


this example
for for you? Both scroll bars work at least in my Chrome.

Remember to set undefined size for both the Embedded and the Panel’s root layout, and a defined (fixed or relative) size for the Panel. There shouldn’t be differences between browsers if you don’t do that, though.

Notice that you can get scroll bars for an image also with CSS, without having to put it in a Panel. It relies a bit more on the implementation, so it’s not normally recommended.

Thanks, the sample you suggested helped me a lot.
As my panel has a HorizontalLayout and I want Horizontal only scroll-bar it is needed to specify Height,
my code now is:

    panel = new Panel(new HorizontalLayout());
    panel.setWidth(100, Sizeable.UNITS_PERCENTAGE);// Full page
    panel.setHeight(125, Sizeable.UNITS_PIXELS); // Images Height plus Horizontal scroll-bar


I had a similar problem with a scroll bar not appearing in Chrome (on Linux) - thanks to these posts I realised I need to set the height of the containing panel for the horizontal scroll bar to appear. (The height needs to be absolute, a percentage does not work)

As Pietro reported, this was not required for Firefox, so there is clearly a browser difference.