Horizontal Layout inside form layout

I am using form layout to display labels and textboxes. I need to
show a list of buttons horizontally below a specific textbox. After that, my form layout continues to display more labels and textboxes.

I have a verticallayout to which I add my formlayout and then I add a horizontal layout to the formlayout. In the example below, I want to see blah1, followed by button1 and button2 in horizontal layout followed by blah2.

But I see blah1, blah2 and all the buttons in horizontal layout are displayed in the end, Please help.

    verticalLayout = (VerticalLayout) getContent();
    formLayout = new FormLayout();

    form = new Form();

    form.addField("blah1", buildBlah1TextField());

    HorizontalLayout horizontalLayout = new HorizontalLayout();

   form.addField("blah2", buildBlah2TextField());

I didn’t really get what you were trying to do, but wrapping a Form inside a FormLayout is unnecessary most of the time, since the Form already contains a FormLayout. Why don’t you just add everything (Form, HL, Form) directly to the root VerticalLayout?