Hiring: Vaadin developer(s) in Vienna, Austria for Broadcom - Continuous De


we at Broadcom Vienna are world-leaders in the area of business automation and continuous delivery solutions. For our exciting set of products we are currently searching for senior Vaadin developers to help us create the next-generation user experience for our customers. See more at https://www.broadcom.com/products/software/automation/continuous-delivery

Please check https://cd.automic.com/ and see our job offer at https://cd.automic.com/lead-software-engineer-vienna/ for further details!

Stefan Heil

hello Kr Stefan,

hope you are well!
I am interested in this job, please let me know in case it is open for remote applicants.


Hi Amanda,

thank you for your interest in this job. Requirement for this job is relocation to Vienna, if this is an option for you please feel free to apply!


Only for interest - are you using Vaadin 10+, or still Vaadin 8? As a SW-Develop form Vienna I am actually fighting with the technology jump between 8 and 10+, oder wie ein Wiener sagen würde, die Migration für bestehende Projekte wird kein Spaß werden.

Aber wir versuchen es mit dem Mittelweg - neue Projekte mit Vaadin 14, und nach den ersten Erfahrungen die Migration der Vaadin 8 Projekte.

Hi, we are currently migrating to Vaadin 14 and are nearly finished; yes there were quite some issues on the way, but lets say the good thing is we have to worst already behind us :slight_smile: