Hilla Starter


is there a Hilla Starter like Vaadin has here? https://start.vaadin.com/app
I’d like to configure it like I can do using Java.


If you click “Edit”; you can see Hilla

i cant find it, can you pleaase provide me a screenshot?

Oh… There… I would think in the upcoming weeks there will be an update, but just guessing :sweat_smile: currently it looks like you can only select it at the beginning

where can i select it? I can only find a predefined package here or i could use the hilla cli. https://hilla.dev/docs/react/start/quick

I can see it here

Ohhh, only the Hello World Project has this option. As soon as i click on “Start a Project” it only works for Vaadin Flow.

We should hopefully have some updates to this in the next few weeks

thanks for the info @secure-leopard