Hilla + React. Upload file.

Can anyone suggest?
I want to upload a file to the server for further processing. Watched on the current channel, there are many questions on this topic, but they are all mostly related to .
But I’m having trouble with it, as the syntax complains about its use.
I found but it’s not documented.
Is it possible to somehow customize it like ?
I saw that UploadProps is included, but I can’t imagine how to change or replace it. I’m very weak in frontend development and may not see it because of this decision.

That’s it, the issue has been resolved, there is a usual change in react properties.
<Upload target={“/api/uploadFile”}/>
By a similar principle and all other values.

We’re still working on getting the docs for the react component wrappers fully documented. As you found out, you can guess your way to the API by looking at the web component api,