Hilla + Lit or (React) with in-app purchases in Play Store and iOS?

I would like to know if my Vaadin app can be listed in Play Stores while giving the option to sell in-app purchases, subsriptions, etc. Can Hilla help with this? should I use React Native, or Lit? will I be missing libraries to make my project work in these stores? I am assmuing that Hilla will offer my app to to be Stateless, and hint faster than my Vaadin app. I appreciate your guidence.

You need to have @PWA in your app in order to have the manifest


And you should follow Google’s documentation Implement Play Billing in your PWA | ChromeOS for developers

Thank you Tatu, sorry if this seems like a basic question, I should assume I can use JS with Google Api, within my ((Lit)) App?

Yes, use the JS API