Hilla Crud component

Hi, I am using the Crud component with a custom form layout similar to the one in the api documentation. The only difference is that I am using combo boxes instead of vaadin text fields. I need to achieve the same functionality for the combo box, as the “path” prop achieves for the text field. In other words, I need the combo box selection to reflect what is in the corresponding column, when editing an item. What would be the best way to achieve that? Thank you in advance for your answers.

Where did you find that example code? It is using Polymer. Hilla uses Lit

On the Typescript api listed on the component docs :). https://cdn.vaadin.com/vaadin-web-components/23.3.0-beta1/#/elements/vaadin-crud

Thanks for the heads up. I let the team know. In any case, you can find the TS/Lit API here CRUD | Components | Vaadin Docs

It should work with that path attribute, see the “Editor Content” example CRUD | Components | Vaadin Docs

And thanks to your report, the API docs will be fixed as soon as they get deployed docs: remove Polymer specific demo from API docs by web-padawan · Pull Request #5095 · vaadin/web-components · GitHub

Awesome, Thanks