"Highest Rated" in Directory is misleading

“Highest Rated” in Directory considers an add-on with one vote of 5 stars to be higher rated than an add-on with 16 votes of all 5 stars, except one vote with 4 stars. Because of this, highly rated add-ons such as CustomField, Navigator, Animator, and Invient Charts are all in the fourth page, when they should really be in the first page of “Highest Rated”.

Perhaps a better way to define “Highest Rated” would be as follows:
Every vote of 5 stars gets +2 points, a vote of 4 stars gets +1 point, 3 stars gets 0 point, 2 stars gets -1 point, and 1 star gets -2 points. Add up all the votes using this point system and the highest point getter is the “Highest Rated” add-on.

Just sayin’.

I agree totally with what you are saying. I haven’t thought out all the possible pitfalls of your formula, but I’d say of the bat that it is better than the raw average. I’m gonna send a link to this thread to someone that might be able to affect this behavior. Let’s hope that your suggestion gets in :wink:

Thanks for pointing this out! I’m somewhat close to the Directory project, so I’ve filed a ticket about this. Unfortunately the trac is in our intranet, so I can’t link it here :frowning: I, too, think something should be done, instead of just relying on the plain average.


last Friday we rolled out a minor update to the Directory application and the Highest Rated sorting is now changed a bit. I think this new sorting better reflects the overall ratings for the add-ons.

  • Teemu