Hide loading/ delay indicator programmatically

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How can I programmatically hide a loading/ delay indicators (goes to a printable version)? How to access the object indicator, since these methods are certainly permitted.

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If you are talking about the white/yellow/red spinning wheel in the screen corner, I think it can only be changed with CSS.

You can use something like this in you print css :

div.v-loading-indicator, div.v-loading-indicator-delay, div.v-loading-indicator-wait {

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However, I want that program control method that, in certain moments disable / enable it.
Because, for example, automatic wake-up preview leaves an imprint on the printed version of the indicator:


I think to create two themes, one of which is hidden indicator and switch between them at the right moments.


Depending on which browser you want to support but you can use in your css :

@media print{
   /* Print specific CSS */

And that CSS will only be used during printing.

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Thank you very much! Thats it! :smiley: