Help with server-client RPC.


I have spend a week trying to understand how to work the communication between client-side and server-side.

I want to implement a few new features to v-leaflet add-on but I’m completely lost. I need:

  • Get the mouseclick position in the map in pixels. I want to show a window of vaadin in that position (like a popup).
  • Get the mouseleft event in the map because I want to drop a vaadin component.

I would like to see a complete example because I haven’t understood it yet

I appreciate all your help, thanks a million in advanced.


Are you using the Eclipse plugin? If you create a new project and then a new widget using wizards, you will get a fully functional example of RPC.

Hi Michael,

Yes, I am using it. I created a project and after I created a new widget using wizards. That was very simple but the problem that I have is I would like to see another example a little more complex because I tried to modify that widget but I couldn’t to do something that work.

Anyway, thanks for your comment!


Hi David,

If you describe you problem in more details, show some code and explain what doesn’t work, maybe we can fix it.