Hello, Everybody! Please, can you help me with add-on?
I download some add-ons and cannot use it in my application!
I am newbie in vaadin! How can i use add-on in my application in NetBeans? I did all step-by-step like in instruction,
but dont understand anything. What is widgetset? and what value must be in widgetset?
I am using NetBeans IDE,
All I did:
Added jars: gwt-user.jar, gwt-dev.jar and my add-on to libs.
copy build-widgetset.xml.
some changes in web.xml but there is two web.xml which one is needed?
and what exactly i have to write in it???



1 . How can i use add-on in my application in NetBeans?
Can be found at

2 . What is widgetset?
Widgetset is a collection of widget (widget is like a component, control, anything that to be created by some one of vaadin user and added in vaadin directory. Eg. Webcam widget , it is a webcam component support for taking picture using webcamara of your labtop or sys,By using your vaadin application.).

3 .what value must be in widgetset?
This is depend on what widgets all about and its based on component or controls they tried to create.

for example :

If you need to use webcamara option in your application. you need this widget. For adding this widget into your vaadin application simply follow instruction mentioned in … thats it.

4 . some changes in web.xml but there is two web.xml which one is needed?
web.xml can be found at proj name/Web/WEB-INF/web.xml

For example :

If you need to use webcam widget simply follows these instructions,

1. download required widget from vaadin directory (say webcam widget)
2. download required jar file like gwt-user.jar and gwt-dev.jar as latest one. I attached latest gwt-user,dev.jar file. you can use
  1. then copy that build-widgetset.xml file into your application.
    4. edit this xml file for your widget like editing widget name and its path.
  2. edit web.xml file ( in projname/web/web-inf/web.xml file) link your widget name and its path or you can copy its name and path while compiling widget. eg :

  3. then write your vaadin application for webcam widget.
  4. you can run your application. thats it.

More inf refer this carefully…
it may help you.

Note : Before posting any question into forum. you must read some post that may similar to your question(queries). In vaadin forum Many post is related to your queries. read more. ask less . work hard.

thanks & regards

R Prabu

I will say to you after i try it!!!