Help on Table and Model window

Hi All,

I have a requirement like this:

  • a table that shows person details (minimal data of each person is showed in a single row)
  • if I click on a particular row in a table, I wanted to show the full information of a person in a pop-up window (as modal). This particular requirement is again splits into multiple:

on selection of a particular row, it should get back ground color as “Green” (I have achieved this thru css definition)

on selection of a row, a pop-up window should be displayed with full details of the person but with some additional buttons and components (for export/import)

The biggest piece is that this pop-up window shouldn’t have header and footer. Also pop-up window should be attached to the row of the table (should look like drop-down window from the row).

The pop-up window look & feel should be different from the main window.

Could someone help me on how to achieve this with Vaadin. If I get this working with Vaadin then my evaluation on Vaadin framework will come to completion.