Help debugging Out of sync error

I have a custom widget which, when clicked, sends a variable to the server. This works great, the first time I click it. The second time I click, I get an out of sync error.

Are there any pointers you can give me in order to find the problem? Is there a way to see what has changed between the first and the second click?

If I have multiple instances of the widget on the same page, it’s the total click count that counts, i.e the first click works, the next click on any widget triggers the out of sync error.

It turned out that the parent component, which was also a custom widget, didn’t call setParent() on child components. After adding that call, everything works.

It seems sometimes you just have to vent on a forum in order to find the answer yourself :slight_smile: I’ll leave the thread though if someone else run into the same problem.