Help choosing components and methods to work with


This must be an extremely basic question - however I have short time to complete a project(due monday morning) and would really like your help! The project is basically a part of the recruitment process at a company I really want to work at! I’m a big fan of Vaadin so far, it really adds to the programming experience, however it was quite some time since I last programmed and I could need a real shoove in the back.

My task is to create a grid with different cars on one axis, and different dates on another one. The content of the grid is going to be different tasks that are going to be carried out by different cars on different days. Basically - its a scheduling program. There has to be a drag and drop function between a list of tasks and the grid. I’ve been trying to get started all day but have not come far. I really need your help me with the following:

What component should I use to create the grid? Labels for different dates with boxes that together form a grid, or should I use a specific grid function?

What component should I use to create the list of tasks? I would like to be able to add tasks to the list that I can then drag out to the grid, but it’s not a requirement. Ive tried to use the Listselector because of its persuasive list-appearance, but as the name might reveal its a selector. I really cant find any method to add things to the list, or for that matter to create the drag function?

I would be exteremly thankful if you would lend me a helping hand. And please - feel free to PM me or write a comment here.

I created the following picture to better explain what I need to create. Please check it out! :slight_smile: