Help building custom component


I like to build a custom input component. On field focus there should popup a contexthelp which also can contain a rich set of components.
When typing text in the field an auto completion drops down. i attached an image to this post.
I like to know how you would build this component?
Is it possible by only using vaadin standard components or do i have to write my own GWT/Vaadin Widget?

Greets Stefan

For the context help, take a look at the
Context Help add-on

As for opening a completion box, if you need something else than what the combo box provides, you cannot do this with the standard components only. The
SuperImmediateTextField add-on
combined with some suitable way of showing the popup might let you avoid doing client side coding, but some might be necessary for a smoother user experience.

Hi Henri
Isnt there a way to display simple overlays arround input fields?

Contexthelp is ok but there are tow issues with it. Since you have to add it the main window you cannot use SpliLayout as composition root for the main window because splitpanel can only take two children. Anyway thats not a real problem. Second issue: It would be really cool if i could use com.vaadin.ui.Component for contenthelp content instead of a String. I like to display Components in the help box.
I dont believe in the use of Strings for content when programming model driven applications at all. In ui context a String allways kills extensibility.