Hello, my name is Vaadin

For a long time we have had doubts about the name “IT Mill Toolkit”. It just have not sounded as easy to communicate and cool as we would have liked. Most of the people we have asked advised us to just change the name. Finally, we have found a new name!

The new name for IT Mill Toolkit will be



(click the name above to see Vaadin logo!)

The name has been selected to be short, simple to write and easy to pronounce. It should be unique enough to be easily found with Google and give us a good basis to build on. The word originates from a Finnish word “vaadin” that means (female) reindeer. In Finnish, “vaadin” also means “I demand”. So you could say “Vaadin parempia käyttöliittymiä!” - “I demand better user interfaces!”

The new name will be used for 6.0 version to be released by JavaOne 2009.

Is there going to be a general pronunciation guideline for the name, or is it up to each person to pronounce it however she wants?

As a poor man’s pronunciation guide, “Vaadin” sounds like vuh-din (emphasis on first syllable, the long ‘a’:s sound like the ‘a’ in “ago”) in Finnish, while many English-speakers might pronounce it like vay-din.

Does it sound stupid? Can you pronounce it? What it means in your language? Please post any comments on the new name below.

How are you using it in finnish? “Tein käyttöliittymän Vaatimella” or “Tein käyttöliittymän Vaadinilla”? :shock:

Nice, distinctive name, only takes some time to get used to it :thumbup:

So, is
supposed to be a reindeer? Back to ASCII graphics… :slight_smile:

Some options:

  • Tein käyttöliittymän Vaadinilla (Built the UI with Vaadin)
  • Tein käyttöliittymän Vaadin -frameworkilla/toolkitillä (Built the UI with Vaadin framework/toolkit)
  • Tein käyttöliittymän Vaadin 6:lla (Built the UI with Vaadin 6)

This starts to look like Finnish language lessons :)

Actually - YES!

If you want to see some deeper meanings, then } symbolizes Java and &gt symbolizes HTML/Web. Notize that Vaadin is on Java side…

For unix geeks (like me), you can set PS1="\w }&gt"

And the IRC loving folks (#vaadin / freenode) can replace

I do like new logo very much !

Regarding the Vaadin - in Russian it sounds very close to one commonly used men name - Vadim.

In common, the new name does not raise any misunderstanding and seems to be more to neutral. I’ll ask more colleagues next week to acquire their feeling on this new name.

Vaadin 6 = Request Six

Well, in Portuguese, “Vaadin” sounds strange but doesn’t mean anything. One possible issue is that the common Brazilian people is very creative and joker by nature, and they indeed like to make jokes based on strange words. So I think someone can purposely say it to sound like "
", diminutive form of “viado”, a pejorative slang meaning a “fag” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fag_(pejorative)). :shock:

As I said, this kind of joke with foreign terms is a very common place here. So, we, the users of the toolkit, will have to take care of the pronunciation here, trying to avoid the misspelling. The people can and will laugh but it’s OK, just fun (in my opinion). I think it would be very hard to select an unique word appropriate to all languages in the globe.

By the way, nice logo. Looking forward to the 6.0 release! :mrgreen:


The Finnish reindeer vocabulary is rather interesting, or what do you think about this?



:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Allright, you found the nicknames for internal release builds, way to go! :slight_smile:


Great name!
I love it.
Logo is swell as well.

Vaadin doesn’t mean anything in my native language (Sinhala), but it sounds very nice.

I am a new user to the Toolkit (about 1 month), and the only two things that I saw as wrong with it are the name and the comparative lack of documentation.

The name is fixed now- I hope the docs will follow as well.

Maybe if you start a user wiki (or do you already have one that I missed?), we can contribute too.

I personally would love the chance to give something back to the “Vaadin Community” :slight_smile:

Great to hear that. Thanks!

Have you checked the manual?

Wiki is located on http://dev.itmill.com/
There is even quite a few articles written by the community.

We are in process of rebuilding the web-site for Vaadin launch. I hope the new site will be more approachable in terms of finding documentation and contributing to the wiki.

Problem solved! Here you go:

…and of course I didn’t notice that the topic had another page with the answer already :smiley:

nalaka, welcome aboard! It’s nice to hear that you enjoy the toolt… ehm Vaadin.

Maybe this is obvious, but I would like to point out that the manual that was talked about here is located at http://www.itmill.com/documentation/itmill-toolkit-5-reference-manual/

Could you give suggestions about it if you still find it lacking?