Height/Width problems regarding Vaadin for PDA

Hello, I’m currently using Vaadin for development of a PDA application and have encountered a issue where the browser window uses more space than is available on the PDA screen.

I have tried setting the size on the main window via the .setWidth and .setHeight methods but this didn’t change anything.

Is there any way of setting a static width and height in the CSS or some other workaround for making the webapp fit the 240 x 320 resolution of the PDA, thus removing the possibility to scroll around ?

I know this has been accomplished in the Touchkit plugin, but not how

Have you tried setting the size of the main layout inside your main window? I’m not sure you can specify the size of the window in a PDA, similarly as you can’t set the browser window size using JavaScript (at least not in all browsers).

Yeah i tried setting the size on the mainlayout as well, to no effect.
I’m considering using the
seeing that it apparantly allows users to set the layout size from CSS, but a possibility where i wouldn’t have to use any plugins would be the best
Thanks for the quick reply

[quote=Rune Sandersen]

If it is CSS sizing that you want, you could just try the CssLayout, which is quite the same as the SimpleLayout, only a couple of divs more. You can override the width/height of the CssLayout using the !important declaration in your CSS (not nice, but works).

Tried overriding the width and height on the CSS layout but this didn’t work, I’m trying to limit the height and width so that i can get rid off the the scrollbars, took a pic of how the application looks to illustrate the problem, with the annoying vertical and horizontal scrollbars marked in red