HeatMap Custom DataLabels


I’m just getting started with the Vaadin Charts Addon (3.0).

I was wondering if there is a simple or any method to add

to the HeatMap.

With DataLabels.format() i can modify the content, but not the way i want to.

What i want is a fourth value to each dataPoint. Something like the heatseries dataPoint (int x, int y, Number heatScore)
extended by an additonal information like (int x, int y, Number heatScore, String label)

Best regards

Can you create an utility method for that?

public class MyDataLabels extends DataLabels {

public static class Utils;
public static DataLabels createDataLabel(int x, int y, Number heatScore, String labelStr) {
DataLabels label=new DataLabels();
String tmp=“”+heatScore;//
label.setFormat(heatScore.toString()+" "+labelStr);
return label;
[/code]or add a child class for DataLabels with an a overloaded constructor with these parameters?