Header size probelm

Hi i m created the header which conatin logo and caption at left top corner and logout at right top cornert but my requrement is header is looking big i want body and header to be attched and no spce in header ,header is in horizanatal layout the screen shot is below ,please help Thanks in advacence…
11860.bmp (3.75 MB)

Poor dolphin, all squeezed up!

Seriously though, I didn’t quite follow you, or see any issues (except for some squeezed up images that can be fixed by setting a correct size for the element). It seems your layout is working, so what is the problem exactly – is it related to Vaadin or visual design? We can probably help you with the first…

Thanks for quick replay ,1 issue is Title bar is taking more space then what i have fixed in code.so i don’t need that space and it look like vaadin website header bar which appears fully from left end corner to right end corner end . My header must take , my sample code is like this
HorizontalLayout hl = new HorizontalLayout();


And one more issue is footer is not showing end to end , I need a footer like vaadin website footer which shows left to right fully ,I m using vertical layout in footer
For your clarity i have three class one is Header class which print the header and it extends Horizontal layout and one is body which loads body and footer class extends vertical layout.
if you provide demo example how to make header body and footer it will be great help to me