hCaptcha integration

can you create a guide for connecting hCaptcha to the site? I’ve been trying to connect the captcha for a whole week, but nothing works for me, I can’t even display this element on the page, let alone server integration, the site has many plugins and ready-made modules for different frameworks (but of course not for Vaadin)


Vadin’s documentation doesn’t describe at all how to connect the script src, please, help

Add CAPTCHA to your site with hCaptcha this is java integration

this will be useful not only for me, but also for many others

I don’t have any practical experience with hCaptcha but what I can see from looking at the documentation is that the simple usage approach with a <form> submission won’t work with Vaadin since Vaadin is based on fine-grained component updates rather than submitting forms. You would instead have to look into the JavaScript API and integrate through that.