Have you ever try to use your docs?

Hi guys.
I’m trying to use vaadin to make a small and simple website. And now I know that I definitely will not use vaadin in future.
I want to ask someone from vaadin team. Have you ever tried to use your docs and samples to do something? Documentation is not correlated with framework itself. There are descriptions of methods that do not exist in framework, and there are classes in examples that you will not find in your project. On the other hand, there are a lot of classes and methods that are not described in docs.
I didn’t expect that simple tiny issues, that should be unobtrusive, can become a huge problem with no solution.
Thanks to your docs, that don’t correlate with product itself, all vaadin framework looks not like a convenient instrument, but as a students open source handicraft.
What vaadin provides is not worth exploring its sources without appropriate docs.

It sounds like you have been browsing Vaadin 8 docs while trying to use Vaadin 7 or vica versa. We have two (and soon three) generations, which are actively used by our community. When you go to vaadin.com/docs page there is framework version selector in top-left corner just below Vaadin }> logo. If you are using Vaadin X and find something wrong in Vaadin X documentation, I would appreciate if you file an issue about that in our GitHub repository. Also https://vaadin.com/api/ is something that I recommend to use. It is always upto date and generated from JavaDocs. Also there is version selector, so that you can browse document by exactly same version you are using in your project.