Handling multiple requests

Hello All,

How to access the application while one process is running. (process multiple requests in vaadin).

my secanrio is: i have a button, when i clik the button it opens a window, on window i have OK button, once i click the OK button i am exuting some logic, it will take 10 to 15 minues to complete that logic. i can see loading symbol and the window is stopping me not to do anything on application.

my question is, how do we close the window without completing that logic. and i want that request to be run on back ground and once that logic complemeted in background, i would like to show a anotification message on my screen.

here while the background process is runing i should be able to access the reminaing pages on my application.

i am not sure how to proced this with vaadin.
can some one suggest me how to deal multiple requests at the same time with vaadin.



if your server supports it, I would suggest using Server Push. Take a look at the
Book of Vaadin
- there’s lots of details and examples about it.