Handling complex forms


in my current project I have to deal with more complex forms. Fields (i’ll name the fields ‘A’ and ‘B’) are automatically filled if a specific field (i’ll name that one ‘C’) received user input. But also if the user inputs data into field A, the fields B and C are automatically filled out.

(This is only a simple example, the current logic is a bit more complicated)

What I have to take care of is that no cycles happen (C → A → C → A → …). So I need to now if the current value change was due to user input or another field that had received input and then triggered the value change of the current field. And I also need to now in the second case which field exactly triggered the value change because then I must trigger other specific actions corresponding from who/what triggered that value change.

  • Is there a general approach in Vaadin to deal with this kind of form structure? The problem at the moment is that I simply don’t now who or what triggered what ValueChangeEvent.
  • Are there frameworks to deal with this?
  • Am I overlooking an existing Vaadin pattern?