GWT Widgets grid-sorting

Hey all,

I have a question concerning the grid widget. This widget is also available in vanilla GWT through the “GWT-Widgets 7.4.3” download.

But my question is how do you enable sorting in this widget in GWT ?

I started from the example provided by Vaadin :

But when you do a “setSortable(true)” on a Column the only thing that happens is that an arrow of sort direction is drawn in the table header when clicking it. The table itself isn’t re-sorted.

Also executing a sort method on the grid with a column and a direction has no effect.

In the book of vaadin I noted the following : “The container data source must support sorting. At least, it must implement Container.Sortable.”.

So I suppose that ListDataSource is not suited for sorting.
But what else can I use in GWT so that it sorts ? In the book of Vaadin I see that a
BeanItemContainer is used, but this is not available in “GWT-Widgets 7.4.3” as this seems to be a server component.

So it comes down to this question: How do I enable sorting on the Vaadin grid in a vanilla GWT project ?



I am running into these same questions, did you find any solutions?

I’m also looking for a solution for this. I can’t believe that it’s not possible to sort the Vaadin Grid in vanilla GWT.

Same question here. Has anyone accomplished to sort GWT Grid entries?