GWT Widget works standalone but not in Vaadin


I have created a GWT widget that works with EGeoXml.js for geoencoding and it works fine on its own. However, when I try to adapt the Vaadin GoogleMaps widget to use my GWT widget, I get this error:

new $wnd.EGeoXml(“exml”, map.jsopeer, null) is not a constructor stack. I do not understand what this means at all.

I can post more information if need be. Any ideas? This does not occur when I run the GWT widget on its own.

Thanks in advance!


I’m afraid I don’t know what the problem is, but perhaps a few questions might set you on the right track:

If you have a GWT Widget, why are you instantiating it using JSNI and not in plain GWT?

new $wnd.Foo(); is equivalent to new window.Foo(), which to me sounds like it might be the reason for the “is not a constructor stack” error. Is your EGeoXml “class” really a property of window? How do you initialize and instantiate it standalone (without Vaadin)?

Perhaps if you show us some more code we can better help you. It’s a bit hard to just guess what might be.