GWT widget issue


I am implementing GWT Widget (using Vaadin 6) to implement google wallet in my web app using wallet Javascript Library. Actually I need to ask about
method, I want to update my variable at server-side whenever I got the result from Javascript (whenever google’s payment API calls a confirmation method in my script).
When i recieved the confirmation from google, I call my widget’s

client.updateVariable(paintableId, “paymentStatus”, paymentStatus, true)
;(paymentStatus is a string)

with immediate parameter

The problem I am facing is that after completing one cycle of purchase and then calling the above method my server-side method
didn’t get triggered, unless I click any other component or do somthing which makes a server call or again hit the wallet button.

I was expecting that after calling the above mentioned method I got into the server-side component ,I set a breakpoint at
which is not triggered after updateVariable() call.

May be I am not getting the way the
method works. Any explanation regarding this method or any way out to this issue is appreciated.

If you give the value “true” for the immediate parameter, you should get a call to changeVariables() on the server side - the symptoms you describe I would normally associate with not having the immediate parameter set. I also assume that paymentStatus is of a simple data type (although that should not have any relevance here).

Please check the implementation of the client.updateVariable() method you are calling. Use DevMode to put a breakpoint there and check if the update is skipped for some reason.

@Henri Sara :

Thanks alot for your kind reply, using DevMode I figure out that the variable I was sending (i.e. paymentStatus) found to be null and hence thrown into the NullPointerException rather going into server-side code.