GWT version compatibility for 7.1.13

Which version of GWT (currently the highest is Build 2.6.0 - Jan 23, 2014) is bundled/contained with/in Vaadin 7.1.13?

Is there a matrix/url that shows the compatibility progression over time?

Thank you.

There is currently no connection between Vaadin and GWT release versions.

Vaadin uses its own fork of GWT located at
from where each Vaadin version builds and bundles GWT. The fork is more or less kept up-to-date with bleeding edge GWT regularly. Each time a Vaadin version is released the GWT fork repository gets tagged with the Vaadin version so you can easily see what have changed between version. Maybe the easiest place to look for this info is

Many thanks John.

GWT Versions are listed here.
So since the latest GA is GWT version 2.6.0 from Jan 23, 2014, the Vaadin 7.1.13 should contain all of that functionality, along with any new functionality added to GWT.

While I haven’t checked the exact contents, as a general rule, the 7.1 branch of Vaadin does not track GWT versions as quickly as the 7.2/master branch as we don’t want to risk breaking a maintenance release branch because of a random GWT change. Every now and then (including very recently), changes in GWT do break some functionality of Vaadin. Thus, 7.1.13 might not contain quite all the changes from GWT 2.6.

Thank you Henri.