GWT module

Hi, I am new to both vaadin and GWT. I am following the manual to setup the GWT:
GWT graphics Manual
but I cannot find the module file anywhere, I used Maven to setup my project and install this plug in via Maven POM. Then I think I might need to create one my own so I tried the GWT module wizard but it gives me the error: The source folder is not part of a GWT Project. What did I miss/do wrong? thanks


If you don’t create your own widgets, you don’t need the module definition, as Vaadin application is not a GWT application, it just uses GWT, and you can use vaadin-archetype-clean. But when you want to create widgets, you create them in GWT and need module definitions for them. Good start is a vaadin-archetype-widget or vaadin-archetype-sample.

Take a look at
, the maven project setup for vaadin is described there in detail.

I just want to use the canvas for my application so I dont need to create my own widget, do I? Cheers

For browsers that support HTML5 Canvas, use
this add-on
- no client side programming required.

The GWT Graphics project is a pure client side library so you do have to develop a Vaadin widget for it if using it.

Thanks Henri, I am using it and it just works.