GWT Logging : Control/formatting?

From Vaadin 7.1, Client side logging using VConsole is deprecated, and we are guided to use java.util.logging.* instead. This is nice and clean.

How, though, can I control the logging for each logger. If I’m debugging my own client side components, for example, I’d quite like to turn down the logging for VConsole to SEVERE and leave the logging for my custom logger at (say) INFO.

Is this possible? If so how? Similarly, how can control the layout of the logging? Taking up two lines (on the javascript console) is a bit irritating frankly.

Failing that, what alternatives do I have (I guess I could log at SEVERE and change the root logging to SEVERE. BIt of a hack,thought).




There’s a
in the GWT documentation that’s quite useful. You can configure Handlers and Formatters either programmatically or via properties in the .gwt.xml.