GWT Graphics draws rotated group last?

with the GWT Graphics add-on (0.9.7), create 2 groups, A and B. Rotate group A, bring group B to the front. Group A is still drawn in front of group B.

pseudo code:

    Group groupA = new Group();
    Group groupB = new Group();

    // add some stuff to each group

    // rotate



groupA is drawn on top of group B.

when I add ‘groupB.setRotation(5)’, everything is drawn correctly.

I’m having this problem both in FireFox and Chrome, on Ubuntu. I don’t seem to be able to reproduce it with the GWT Graphics interactive editor. The stuff in groupA consists of Ellipses + text, and group B contains text (that should be overlaid on groupA).

Seems like a bug (the fact that it works, when I rotate groupB also, seems to point in that direction), but on the other hand it seems unlikely that, if it’s a bug, nobody spotted this before (but you never know).


Sounds like a bug in GWT Graphics. Could you create an issue
with a simple GWT application that reproduces the problem. Thank you.


I had a deadline, so I worked around the problem for the moment. I’ll see that in the coming weeks I can make something isolated that can reproduce the problem.

Tx for the response!