GWT alternatives?

I would like to develop a commercial web app in clojure using GWT running in a server securised and maintaining the web components not accesible.
Which ither GWT alternatives I must consider too in my case?
Is vaadin the best GWT alternative? Why?

if it may be useful, here are some discussions about frameworks and GWT:


The benefit of Vaadin is that it is a server-driven framework. In practice this means that all of the code you will be writing will be executed on the server side. Since it is executed on the server side, you can hence use all of the libraries and tools available for java - something is not possible with pure GWT (as it only supports a subset of the java language). Another benefit you have of a server driven approach, is that you can write your Vaadin application with any JVM language, including Clojure.

If I’m not totally wrong (please do correct me, if I’m wrong), you cannot create (pure) GWT applications using Clojure, since GWT is Java-to-JavaScript compiler, which reads Java source code and not byte code. Of course, you can use GWT with Clojure, but that means that you can only write your backend using Clojure and the entire UI would have to be written with Java. With Vaadin, you can write your UI and backend with Clojure.

What about performance? Does the Server Driven apaproach affacts perofmance on Client Side?