GWT 1.7


GWT 1.7 just recently got rolled out. Since the changes are related to the IE8 and other browsers support, I was wondering if Vaadin will be compatible with GWT 1.7. I haven’t given a try yet, but figured would post this question. Please let me know.


Unfortunately large part of our development team is on summer vacations around the world currently. We would love to include GWT 1.7 and release 6.0.2 (or 6.1.0) asap, but in order to test it properly we must probably wait for at least our release master to get back from China. So maybe in two weeks or so…

Feel free to test it yourself - could be a drop-in placement. Just follow the “Building Vaadin” instructions at

(If you try it out, please tell how it went :slight_smile: )


I tried Vaadin with GWT 1.7 and at least the “normal” widgets (as textfields, select boxes, subwindows etc.) seem to work.



Next release will most likely be built gwt 1.7.

But I’m not sure if we can still drop the IE7 compatibility meta tag. Practically we still support IE8 only in combat mode. I tried today without it (with client side built with 1.7) and wasn’t too happy about what I saw. We have a lot of IE hacks to update in both CSS and gwt code.